Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Night...Lights?

Hi Everyone!

I'm home alone again tonight, so had a bunch of time to photograph some layouts to share! I've also decided that I'm gonna start writing again about my current media consumption! My boyfriend Jeff is very much into TV, Movies, and Video Games and so there is a lot of media going on in our home, which very often sparks some pretty cool discussion and debate. So I'd like to again start sharing some of that with all of you!

Shows we are currently watching:

Season 1 of Friday Night Lights (my first time, Jeff's second or third)
Chuck (we're totally up to date and just watching new episodes)
Community (we are watching Season 1 on DVD--which I haven't seen yet; but we're also watching all the new Thursday night episodes)
Bones (totally up to date)
Archer (totally up to date)
30 Rock (I've only seen the last two seasons, but I'm watching the new episodes as they come out)
Parks and Recreation (totally up to date)

What is everyone else currently watching?

And to go with my TV updates, here's a layout with a picture of my Jeff sitting on the couch watching TV with me.


I had a lot of fun with this one--with the banner and the Studio Calico woodgrain stuff. It was also really fun to use the washi tape; I cannot get enough of that stuff!

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