Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Talk Tuesday 3.22 - That's okay, I think I'll pass

Every Tuesday, over at Creative Soup, I come up with a journaling prompt to get the creative process started from a writing perspective.
Today's Talk Tuesday question is:  There are always those fads that just pass us right by.  I'm want you to list 5 different things that everyone seems to want, that you're totally okay with not having.
Try to think outside the box on this one; they don't necessarily have to be things you can buy ;)
 I had to think about this one for a while; but the five things I would pick are:
1. Fancy Shoes
2. Chocolate
3. Reality TV (American Idol, DWTS, etc)
4. CBS
5. Lots of Money

What would everyone else's list be?

Head on over to Creative Soup, and share your answer with everyone!

I'll leave you with a great inspirational photo I found on Pinterest originally blogged by the great Rhonna Farrer. If you're on Pinterest, leave your username so I can follow you! And for anyone that wants to follow me, my username is rukristin, and my pinterest link is up on the left hand column.

Love me some Eleanor Roosevelt!