Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Talk Tuesday -- Are you a Museum Person?

Are you a museum person? What is your favorite museum?

Every Tuesday, at Creative Soup, I come up with a journaling prompt to get the creative process going from a writing perspective. This week’s prompt is all about Museums.

  • Are you a museum person?  Why?
  • What was the best exhibit you've seen? 
  • Which museums have you visited? your favorite? 
  • Which museums are on your must see list? 

I'm a total museum person--for so many reasons:

  1. I'm happy when I surround myself with art and creativity
  2. I'm a sucker for learning new things
  3. I love seeing what other people find important
  4. I can walk around for hours and no one things I'm weird
  5. Most museums are great places to take pictures, sketch, or just write--all things that are so important to my personal creative process

I'm not sure if I have a single favorite museum...but here are a couple at the top of the list:
  1. The Metropolitan Art Museum (NYC)
  2. Moma (NYC)
  3. Baltimore Aquarium
  4. Liberty Science Center (Jersey City, NJ)

Museums offer such cool experiences, aside from the exhibits they have.  Below is a picture of the Guggenheim museum, last August where Jeff and I went to see Andrew Bird in concert. The architecture of the museum--the audience standing along the outside helix--made for a unique concert experience.

There are still plenty of museums that I desperately want to visit. First on the list--the Louvre in Paris. There are also bunch of Smithsonian museums in DC that I missed when we visited in September.  Which museums are you dying to get to? 

I hope you join me in today's journaling prompt.  If you can, please check out the thread over at Creative Soup and join the conversation over there.  If you can't, please feel free to leave a comment or email me!