Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Talk Tuesday -- Chores.

Good Morning! Every Tuesday over at Creative Soup, I put up a journaling prompt to help kick start the creative process from a writing perspective.  Today's topic is household chores. 

How have the household chores you do (or delegate) changed over the course of your lifetime? What did you have to do as a child? Which chores do you do now? Which do you delegate out to others? Talk about the division of labor in your household
Right now in our house, there are certain things that I usually do, certain things that Jeff usually does, and then there's a bunch of stuff that kind of falls in the middle.  I cook--almost every meal; I'm big on cooking food from scratch, and leaving out as much of the processed stuff as I can.  Jeff does all the dishes and takes out all the trash.

We both pitch in to try to keep the house clean--but we're both very different in the way we clean. He'll do random little things here and there; whereas I'll want something to be clean or organized, and so I wind up cleaning 2 or 3 rooms top to bottom to get it done the way I like.

As a kid, I didn't have too many chores around the house. I had to keep my room clean, set the table for dinner, clean up after dinner, bring the trash cans to the back of the house after garbage day. I liked the dinner chores, I really enjoyed family dinner time.  Its still a pretty big deal for Jeff and I, and I'd really like it to be that way when we have kids.

What are chores like in your house?  Come join the conversation over at Creative Soup.

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