Sunday, July 3, 2011

BooYay! Holiday Edition.

I hope everyone is enjoying their (holiday) weekend! We're down the shore in Cape May, NJ with Jeff's parents. Being that we're down here, I don't really have too much access to any of my crafty stuff.  I did bring along my Smash Book, and I plan on writing a bit later. But to keep in touch, I thought I'd come up with another round of BooYay!

Boo - Long power outages in the middle of the night (Friday)
Boo - Holiday Traffic, especially on the Garden State Parkway
Boo - Still waiting for the NFL to strike a deal; I should be thinking about mini-camps!
Yay - Long weekends
Yay - Fireworks
Yay - Lots of picture-taking and scrappy possibilities

What's everyone else feeling today?