Friday, July 6, 2012

Tutorial: Ombre Misting

Today I'm sharing a how-to how to create an ombre-misted background for your layout! This is definitely one of those techniques that looks better in real life, and super duper easy to replicate.

Materials Needed:
- White Cardstock
- Mist (any color will do)
- Misting box
- Paper Towels


1. Start out with a blank sheet of cardstock in a misting box (or on a bunch of newspaper/craft mat/etc).

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2. Place a paper towel (I find paper towels are best because they soak up the extra mist and don't drip onto the project at all) over the top of your cardstock, leaving 1-2" uncovered at the bottom

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3. Take the mist and evenly spray over the sheet of cardstock. Don't worry if it looks really light, the color will get darker as we add more layers. 

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4. Move the paper towel up about 1-2" and then mist again. Try to mist evenly, over the entire layout every time. Keep moving the paper towel up 1-2" each time. 

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5. Let the cardstock dry for a few minutes (or use a heat gun to speed drying) and then it's ready to go!

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The finished layout again with some closeups:

I placed a silhouette-cut background over my ombre-misted background. The lines from the misting are totally covered and you just get the cool ombre effect in the back.

Using a similar-colored transparency as the photo mat reinforces the background color without detracting from the background effect itself. 

This pic shows a little more of the actual ombre look. Looking at the left side of the picture and the right side of the picture, you can really tell the difference in shade, even though it might not seem obvious when looking directly at the layout itself. 

This technique isn't just for layouts, it can easily be adapted to tags, card backgrounds, etc -- the sky's the limit. 

Let me know if you try it out! 

Lots of love,