Monday, August 20, 2012

Nifty Notebook Handmade by Me!

Today I'm sharing a handmade notebook made entirely of Basically Bare & Authentique products.

I'm a sucker for notebooks. I love writing myself notes, to-do lists, little stories, anything at all. I'm always buying myself new little notebooks to carry around in my purse, or to keep on my desk. Lately, I've gotten into making my own notebooks and today I'm going to share my newest creation.

To create your own notebook:
  1. Take the chipboard, cardboard, and acrylic sheets from two 'Oh So Mini' packages (use any of the pages that have a flat top and bottom).
  2. Trim all pages to 5" wide (trim off the right side -- leave the ring holes on the left hand side).
  3. On the other 4 sheets use masking/washi tape to tape off cascading tabs (each tab should be .5" wide & 1.5" high) and trim the area above and below the taped 'tab' area.
  4. Cover the pages with your favorite patterned paper and set aside
  5. Trim a few sheets of your favorite patterned papers to 6"x4", and several sheets of graph paper (lined paper/index cards can be used too).
  6. Punch holes through all pages and insert binder rings and arrange them so the paper is evenly distributed throughout the tabbed areas.
  7. Decorate and enjoy!

Other: Washi Tape: Target; Flower: Curtsey Boutique;  Ink: Hero Arts

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