Monday, September 17, 2012

27 things before I turn 27

27 is a make or break year for a lot of people. I've decided to make a list of 27 things that I'd like to accomplish before I hit that big important year of my life.

I'll be periodically checking back and crossing things off the list.
  1. Apply to grad schools
  2. Visit the Met again
  3. Come up with a senior thesis topic
  4. Make a great Thanksgiving dinner
  5. Visit LA
  6. Go back to Vegas
  7. Go to the Museum of Natural History
  8. Go to MOMA
  9. Go to a museum I've never been to
  10. Vote (again)
  11. Do awesome in school
  12. Win Fantasy Football
  13. Go to a Giants game
  14. Try 5 new recipes
  15. Invent 5 new meals
  16. Finish another December Daily
  17. Finish 2012 Project Life
  18. Start 2013 Project Life
  19. Write every day
  20. Get organized
  21. Take the GRE's
  22. Write non-fiction
  23. Read 30 books
  24. Improve my blog
  25. Explore
  26. Make the best Christmas presents
  27. Enjoy myself
Has anyone else made a list like this? I'd love to see