Tuesday, September 25, 2012

4 Great Places to Hang Out Online

I am an introvert at heart. I love people; they inspire me and they make me a happier person. But I love them in small doses, a little at a time, or else I get overwhelmed.

Because of my introvertedness (is that a word?) I have lots of online friends. What makes someone an 'online friend'? There are a few different things; for me -- an online friend is:
  1. Someone I met online
  2. Someone I talk to mostly through the internet/social media
  3. Someone who I care about 
Through the years I have met tons of online friends, many of which I've met in real life and formed amazing friendships with. So don't count out your online friends, because you never know when they'll become your real life friends too. 

Wondering where you can meet great online friends too? 

Here are the 4 places I hang out online. Each of these places has its own quips and quirks, and are different in their own right. See which ones are right for you. 

This isn't an exclusive list, but its the places that I feel most 'at home' and the places where I've found it easiest to cultivate online friendships. 

Join me in any of these places and let's make lots of new online friendships together. 

Questions For You: 
  • Where do you hang out online? 
  • Do you have online friends? Have you met them in real life?
  • Do you have any social media questions? Specific websites or apps?