Monday, October 22, 2012

10 Minute Minibook Tutorial

Today I'm sharing a tutorial for a 10 minute minibook. This book was originally seen on the Freckled Fawn blog.

Supplies Needed: 
1 Sheet of Patterned Paper
1 Sheet of Cardstock
Washi Tape (2 or 3 varieties)
Photos (I used instagram pics)

1. Trim your cardstock so that you have 3 seperate 4"x10" pieces.
2. Trim your patterned paper to 4"x10"
3. Fold all your paper in half and score at the center.
4. Stack sheets of paper on top of one another
5. Use strips of washi tape to adhere each sheet pf paper to the sheet next to it (you can also sew/staple the center for extra strength).
6. Add pictures, journaling, and some more washi to decorate.