Monday, December 10, 2012

5 Tips to Pre-Make a Holiday Minibook!

The holidays can be a crazy time, so I'm always looking for ways to make things easier for myself. This year I prepped a Christmas mini-book in advance, so that right after the holiday I can add pictures and journaling and finish it up!

5 Tips for Quickly Prepping a Holiday (or anytime) Minibook:

  1. Start Small: A smaller book will take less time to decorate and fill. Because you aren't trying to document every single thing that happened, a smaller book will be much more manageable. 
  2. Don't Overthink it: It's common to try to think out every detail of a project when you're prepping it. But that will eat up precious time. Just trust your instincts and remember that you can always change things around later on. 
  3. Use Coordinating Products: If you grab a few coordinating products ahead of time, you won't have to rummage through your stash to find the perfect embellishments to coordinate with your book. By using a single manufacturer or a kit you're limiting your options (in a good way) and remember you can always add some more embellishments later on. 
  4. Less is More: You're going to be adding pictures and journaling to the book later on, so don't worry if it looks a little sparse right now. It will fill out quickly. 
  5. Give Yourself Room to Expand: You may want to expand your book later on (envelopes, hidden journaling, etc) so don't overfill your book before you're finished, or else you might not be able to stick in that extra quote from the desert table!

I left a lot of the natural kraft color showing throughout my book. The cover, as well as each of the inside pages is decorated with the Bella Blvd Christmas line and coordinating embellishments.

I made the fun little tree with strips of patterned paper, sequins, and a Bella Blvd star button. I added some mats for photos as well as some journaling spots; making it super easy to fill in this book as soon as I get Christmas photos. 

Thanks very much for stopping by!