Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Boy I Love

its this one...

I love him so much. I still surprise myself at how much I love him, and even more about how much  more I love him each passing day.

Background: Jeffrey and I met in the spring of 2009 while working in one of the early local US census offices in Central NJ. We quickly become outside of work friends and I spent two weeks just trying to get him to like me until he came over for dinner one night and finally kissed me. 

Why am I rambling on about this boy? Its a little weird to just be talking about this apropos of nothing; but I think its important to be genuine and I talk about him tons throughout the blog, he appears in all my project life spreads, his face is constantly on my instagram feed and he's a constant source of inspiration; so I thought it would be good if there was a place where I could explain who he is and what he means to me. 

It also helps me expand upon my birthday goal of becoming a better writer about myself. This relationship is such a big part of my life; and being able to articulate how I feel is in line with the rest of the goals I've set for myself this year. 

Aside from our silly adorable romance, he's my person. The two of us make up a family. He's the first person I go to with good news, and he's the first one that gives me a hug when I'm sad. We can do better things together than either of us can do on our own, and in my opinion that's the true marker of a successful relationship. I never thought that I would be the 'storybook romance' girl -- but our love story is so perfectly us that feel so incredibly lucky that I get to tell it and even luckier that I get to live it. 

Ten Reasons I Love This Boy: 
  1. He laughs at my jokes. 
  2. He's the cuddliest person ever.
  3. He tells me that I'm smart and pretty. 
  4. He plays games with me.
  5. He knows what I like and introduces me to new things
  6. He challenges me just the right amount. 
  7. He takes care of me.
  8. He wants me to do great things.
  9. He is just the most adorable person on the planet. 
  10. He really really loves me. 

I don't usually give out unsolicited advice...but TELL YOUR LOVE STORY

I'll admit I was pretty terrible about documenting our early time together. I was working 80 hour weeks and scrapbooking, writing, and all the other creative stuff was on the backburner. But with the help of my One Little Word: Write; I'm making a concerted effort to tell more of our story. 

The hardest thing for me was to actually get started. What do I write? What's important? What do I want to remember? What stories deserve special attention? 

Thankfully, earlier in the year Amy of Lemon & Raspberry & 30 Days of Lists asked me to contribute to her journaling series One Year of Journaling, where email prompts are sent to you once a week, helping you to write the stories that you want to tell. 

Our First Year Together has helped me write down some of my absolute favorite stories from the beginning of our relationship. These are stories I treasure down to my very soul. I am so thankful to Amy for helping me to finally get those stories out on paper. I look forward to using these stories as the journaling basis for some great layouts about the two of us. 

In honor or Valentine's Day, Our First Year Together is 50% off (through midnight tonight 2/14 pst). If you have a love story that you'd like to record, this is perfect stepping stone to get started. It's also a perfect gift for newlyweds or even the older people in our lives whose special memories still need to be recorded. 

Each email includes a journaling prompt, some ideas of how to interpret it for your own story, and an example of journaling from one of the contributors. If you start right now; by this time next year you will have enough written to make an entire book of your stories (maybe a blurb book?) -- which would be an awesome Valentine's Day gift.

Just in case you missed my free Printable Valentine's Day journaling cards, check them out here and start writing your story today. 

What steps are you taking to make your One Little Word a reality? Check out some of my other One Little Word projects for this year and join me on my journey to make 2013 the year that I write.