Monday, April 1, 2013

A Modern Passover Celebration & Free Printables

Passover was a complete success! I mentioned last week that Jeff and I were having very our first Passover Seder at home! Here are a couple of pictures from our great evening. Scroll to the bottom for two free Passover printables (look for Easter printables tomorrow!) 

My favorite things about Passover (and whatever other holidays these might apply to):
  1. Taking the time to prepare a special meal. From picking out the recipes to going shopping for the food to planning and cooking the meal to finally sitting down together as a family to be rewarded with the meal that you've worked so hard to create. 
  2. The story. I love storytime. I think reading out loud and reflecting on the words being said is one of the best ways to figure out how you really feel about something. Jeff read from the The New American Haggadah which offers readers multiple 'themes' for various readings. Jeff chose the 'Nation' theme which made for an excellent introspection on all things political, national, and global. I think the language could have been a bit more gender neutral; but that's a bit of a pet peeve.
  3. The symbolism. Everything has a meaning, and the meaning is what is important, not the object itself. This also lets each individual person have their own meaning for the symbol; and when we discuss our personal meaning we not only gain a larger understanding of the symbolism, we gain a larger understanding of each other. 
  4. I just love celebrating things. Especially with the boy. I like doing family things with him, it just feels right and good and happy. 
The Food: 

Here are the recipes that we (sort of) followed, and some thoughts on what we liked and what we're going to change for next time: 
  • Blue Ribbon Matzoh Ball Soup
    • This was awesome. We forgot to put the carrots in at the end, but the matzoh balls turned out fantastic. The seltzer really helped to create pockets of air, leaving them light but still flavorful.
  • Apple-Pear Charoset
    • This was very good. Two things -- 
      • One: I would reserve 1/2 the nuts for right before serving so there's more crunch left. 
      • Two: I think I would soak part of the cut fruit in red wine overnight so that some of the fruit has a deeper taste to it. 
  • Potato Kugel with Fried Shallots
    • This was also very good. I made a little bit less than it called for so that I could put everything into one cast iron skillet. I'm planning on making home fries with the left overs! I think I might add more onion next time. 
  • Nach Waxman's Brisket
    • Cannot even explain how good this was. Unreal. Everyone should make this. I fully follow the recipe the night before, slicing and everything. I re-heated it for about 90 minutes the next day and brought it right to the table. The pre-slicing also make serving a piece of cake. 
And now for the free printables.

Download the free printables here! 

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