Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Packing a Kit for Project Life

This past Friday I was lucky enough to take a quick trip into Manhattan for a scrappy afternoon at my friend Julie's apartment. Because NYC space tends to be a bit tighter than average, I needed to pack light. I decided to work on my Project Life album, and packed everything I needed into this empty core kit box (the empty boxes and trays are now available on Amazon) and a plastic legal envelope from the container store.

I was able to pack everything I needed between the trey and the envelope. Below I show the contents of my Project Life tray. It fit all the Project Life cards, some alphabet stickers, and a few smaller stamp sets. I put adhesive, 6x12 sticker sheets, 4x6 stamp sets, and some black ink in the mesh envelope.

Everything was tucked away in its own place and stayed put throughout my commute to and from the city. The Project Life cards are separated into three different stacks (which is how I keep them stored at home as well).

  1. Older Cards (separated by color): There are cards from older kits or embellishment packages that I haven't gotten around to using yet. I store them by color because they work really well as the last few cards in a Project Life spread, and its easy to match the current color pallet if the cards are already sorted by color.  
  2. Midnight/Seafoam core kit cards: These are my go-to base cards. Neutral cards that match pretty much everything, its easy to run through this pile when I'm looking for a mostly blank journaling card or a filler card to take up a spot. 
  3. Brand New Cards: The brand new cards get their own stack. These are the ones I'm usually most excited about using; and its great to spread this pile out on the table as I'm working and create a color scheme based on new cards that I've gotten from Studio Calico, Kelly Purkey, or whatever other Project Life cards I've picked up recently. 
This kit worked perfectly for my day in the city. I added two strips of washi tape to close the box and just threw it in my tote bag. It was super easy to carry this kit around with me and I really can't wait to go on another scrappy date. 

Supplies Used: 

Project Life Tray from Amazon (the amazon trays come with a different box than the core kits)

Mesh Pouch from the Container Store