Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sorry!!! I'm back! I'm here! I swear!

Hey everyone;
sorry that I haven't been around much at all lately. Working has put a bit of a damper on my, "sit around and play on the internet" time lol; and I stayed in bed the entirety of last weekend with an awful cold.

Work is going well; thanks for everyone that has been asking about it. I'm actually really enjoying it. I don't care too too much for waking up at 7am; but I should be shifted to nights sometime soon. And nights aren't even really nights; its 11:30am to 8pm, which I think--hopefully--will be a much better schedule for me. I'm much more creative at night and so winding down at like 10pm and getting in bed by 11 just isnt working for my scrappy mojo.

Angela's Stampin' Up party got rescheduled to this Friday cause her kiddos had the awful terrible flu; I finished making up most of the cards we're going to be making (they are all my original designs); and I can't wait to share them with you all after the party!! Remember Sale-a-bration only lasts until the end of the month; so get your orders in soon!

Tomorrow my UPS guy is going to bring my Studio Calico kit!! I am so so so excited! I was orginially supposed to get it on Friday; but they rescheduled it :( So I will totally be rushing my butt home from work tomorrow and diggin into it! ESPECIALLY since I got most of my work done tonight!!! I even pre-started tomorrow night's dinner!!! Yay for fun time!

Here are a couple of my latest layouts that I've worked on; some using last month's Studio Calico Kit; some with some of the new CC Girl Friday (which is SO awesome). Thanks for looking!!!

Alrighty; well I'm heading to bed now, try to talk to you all on a little bit more of a regular basis! Thanks so much for looking!!

Oh! and PS; I tend to update my twitter a lot more often (I can do it really easy from my iPhone) so follow me on there!! My name over there is rukristin!!!

Talk to you all laters!!!