Thursday, September 30, 2010

Media Consumption

So while on the path of my life that consists of me staying home alone during the day, I thought it would be a good idea to catch up on some of the awesome media that I might have missed over the last few years.  Coupled with the internet, as well as Netflix instant streaming. I've really gotten into the whole tv/movie thing again. I'm gonna try to keep a running list of what I've been viewing, we'll see how that goes.

Today's media consumption:

The Tutors - Season 2 Finale

Season Two was wonderful, Anne Boleyn is by far my favorite character, and it sucks that she had to die. But alas, Anne Boleyn has just been beheaded and we are moving onto wife #3 for King Henry. Can't wait to see what season 3 holds in store. 

The next two seasons are not on instant streaming, so I guess I'll have to download them tomorrow and finish up the series that way.  I'm really getting into this show. Its like a combo of AP European History and softcorn porn; absolutely fantastic. I've caught myself multiple times researching the actual history and comparing it to the things in the show. There are so many things to love, the dress is incredible, all of the women look so beautiful.  Its nice to get a little bit of perspective on how people may have actually felt during history; even if it might not be entirely factual.  It brings a whole new perspective for the way I have been looking at history and its makers. We are moving onto wife #3 for King Henry now, and he's not getting any younger. Can't wait to see what season 3 holds in store. 

Firefly - Episodes 1 & 2: Casey is in this! (from Chuck) and he's totally Casey! but IN SPACE! I'm geeking out and really enjoying this. I'm planning on episode first thing tomorrow.

Bones - Season 6 Opener: Such a comfort show for me. Episode was a little on the slow side, getting everyone back together and whatnot, but I'm excited for the season to come.  Its such a great show to put on while I'm scrapping or doing other things in the room.

Glee! - Season 2, Episode 2:

We forgot to record this on the DVR last night, so I had to download it this afternoon.  Mixed feelings. I hate that Terry was in the episode, she just makes me a little ill every time she's on the screen. I didn't love the music.  And the nitrous storyline with John Stamos? It all seemed a little contrived, like this was the only way they could say that they "made a Britney Spears episode".  Although it was nice to see Britney get some face time (Britney S. Pierce, that is), she's one of my favorite characters, she has fantastic delivery on those stupidass lines. And the show did end on a strong note with Lea Michele's version of You are the Only Exception by Paramore.  We'll see what next week has in store.

There might be a little bit of Mad Men later tonight, we're almost at the end of season 3, and it would be best to catch up all the way before this season's finale; which of course will get spoilered all over. Until then!