Friday, January 21, 2011

A couple new layouts :)

I finished photographing layouts last night. I need to be better about using my set aside "creative time" to do more of the photographing, uploading, blogging, etc, when I'm just not feeling the creative juices flowing.  Sitting there just staring at paper makes for a not so happy girl :)

Today is Friday, which means one more day till the weekend. We have some errands to run today, bank, pharmacy, post office, etc. and then just a relaxing night at home. I'll make a yummy dinner, and we'll probably settle in and watch a movie or something.  We've been watching Boogie Nights, but I can only handle about 30-40 minutes a night before I get sleepy; so its gonna take us a while to get through. Tomorrow we are going to visit Judy and Shari, two of my favorite people, for dinner and games! I'll make sure to take lots of fun pictures. 

Speaking of which, Jeff and I came to an arrangement--he promised to never ever complain about me taking pictures of him, if in return, I promise to not get sad when he teases me. I think it works out pretty well in my favor :)

Here are two new layouts I have to share with you -- I also finished another one last night, but its for the February Sketch Mojo Monday over at Creative Soup (its a two page layout! omg. I dont think I've done a two pager in like years). 


Journaling Detail :)


Both these were made using a majority of Studio Calico kits-- I really love how I can just shop from there 90% of the time. It makes my scrappy life so wonderful and easy.  The first layout was done for the Creative Soup 11 for 11 Mojo Monday challenge. The challenge was to scrap 11 wishes you had for the upcoming year (and I don't want to hear any more about wish #7--haters hate on ;)). The Second layout was just one I did about the boy. I had a cute little picture of him at the PA Ren Faire, and I absolutely love this SC paper with the hearts. I was having trouble at the end of this one, so I just decided to write love you with hearts all around the outside. I really like how it came out. :)

Thanks again SO much for looking, its wonderful to be able to share my creative process with such wonderful people.