Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Talk Tuesday 1.11.11

Today is Tuesday!!

And over at Creative Soup that means Talk Tuesday! 

Every Tuesday I come up with a journaling prompt--sometimes silly, sometimes serious--to get you jump started on the creative thinking process!

The question for today is: 
Okay, So today is 1.11.11. Kinda nifty, right?
Do you have any numbers that are significant to you? Birthdays, Anniversaries, Sports Numbers? Do you know exactly what numbers you want to pick when you play the lottery?

What are your special numbers? And what do they mean to you?
Head on over to the thread at Creative Soup and tell us your thoughts!

I'm not sure what my numbers would be exactly.  My sister's birthday is the 22nd of December, so I find myself really liking the number 22. But I think more than any *real* number...my special number is "greater than 2" aka ">2". Its Jeff and my silly take on the <3 as a heart. We use >2 when we're being cute with one another, so it always makes me so happy.

Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with for this one! I already have a layout in mind for mine!