Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Update!

Merry Sunday! I hope everyone had a good weekend so far. Just thought I'd do a little update today on everything going on around here---in a little format I like to call Boo/Yay!. Its my take on Cheers and Jeers--cause really; who says Jeers?

Boo -- Pitt (my bracket national champion) losing yesterday in an absolutely crazy end game!
Boo -- This week has been absolutely horrific for headaches; although I think the hardest part now, is just trying to help other people understand them.
Yay -- So much creative time this weekend, and it felt great to really be artsy again.
Yay -- American Crafts Zing; I'm just a LITTLE obsessed. Last month from the SC store I bought White, Mustard, Teal, and Leaf. I'm probably going to allow myself two more colors this month---Which ones should I buy? All suggestions welcome!
Yay -- On Friday, Jeff and I are going to Atlantic City with my mommy and daddy! We're gonna go to dinner at Wolfgang Puck's American Bistro.
and one last...
Super Yay -- omg!! MORE Billy Joel songs are coming out for Rock Band 3 on Tuesday!

I leave everyone with a picture of my spoiled kitty cat (who lives at my mom's house) and--since she got sick a few months ago--will only drink water out of human cups set on the coffee table in the living room.

PS -- I've really been slacking in the Media consumption department this week with all the NCAA basketball that has been going on; but I did watch Apollo 13 for the first time, and it was so good--And there are just SO many famous people in that movie!