Sunday, March 27, 2011

What a great day to be Sunday.

Lazy Sundays are my favorite; especially after a stressful week.  Even though its just the two of us at home, Sundays are our family day. We make it a point to spend time doing things together, and then sit down to a nice Sunday dinner. Within the next few months we'll be moving, as well as living with my sister. Things are going to be a little bit different--I'm nervous, but excited at the same time.

There are a couple things I'd like to share with you today.  First, I want to thank all of the new readers who have come here over the last week.  Its really nice to be reminded of the wonderful people in this scrapbooking community.  I love meeting new people, and learning about them and their wonderful stories.  If you've been enjoying my blog, I'd love to see you over on twitter, facebook, or pinterest. Here are my links. And please! Leave your links in my comments or email me, I always love finding new people to follow and be inspired by!

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If you need a pinterest invite, I would be more than happy to send you one. Just drop me an email and I'll send one right out to you (just make sure to include the email address you want the invite sent to).

The other thing I'd like to share with you today is this little book that I made last week.  I had a drawer just filled with some tickets stubs and other memorabilia that I'd been hanging on to.  I kept telling myself, "oh I'll get around to scrapping that soon".  Then I realized, yeah--there's no way I'm gonna get around to all of that.  So I grabbed all the ticket stubs, some chipboard, and my bind-it-all; and came up with this!


I put all my ticket stubs and memorabilia in chronological order, along with dividers that I created with some kraft cardstock and Maya Road month rub-ons. Threw it all in the bind-it-all, and now I have this cute little book that I can flip through to remember all the cool events I went to.


I hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday, and I'll be back again tomorrow with a new Creative Soup Mojo Monday challenge! I can't wait to show you the layout I made for this one, its one of my favorites in a long time! And remember to check out the links up above and leave your links in the comments section so I can follow you too!