Thursday, May 5, 2011

Get Messy! - Day Four: Acrylic Paint


Welcome to Get Messy! - Lesson Four: Acrylic Paint

Today's lesson is all about acrylic paints! Here is where we start getting into the real messy part of the class! So get out your aprons, put down some wax paper, and get ready to make a little bit of a mess! Today we’re going to talk about acrylic paint. We’ll look at some tips for using paint on your projects, a step-by-step tutorial, & some fabulous samples from our Creative Team. Thanks again for participating in Get Messy!

All our lessons will be provided in .pdf form. If you need to download a .pdf reader, you can get Adobe Reader

Download the lesson here.

Tonight over at Creative Soup we are having a special live chat tonight at 9pm EDT. Link to live chat: Chat Bring questions if you have them, I'll be there to 

answer anything you'd like.

Here's the final product of my step-by-step painting page:


Thanks so much for playing along with me, I'm really having a great time with this class. Remember you can download the lesson here. Hope to see you at the live chat tonight! 

PS -- The Creative Soup Grand Re-Opening Gala kicks off tonight at 6pm; its going to be a blast!