Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sewing? Summertime Goal.

Since I'm not working or taking classes this summer, I said to myself that once I was all settled in from the move, I needed to work on an overarching summer project.  I decided to learn how to sew.  I figure it's a really great thing to know how to do; and super fun and crafty.  I have my mom's old school sewing machine--it works great, it just doesn't have some of the conveniences of the modern machines.

My first project was a pillowcase.  I really like the envelope-back pillowcases--when you get them dirty, you can just pull it off real quick and throw the case in the wash. I'm okay with how it came out. My pillowform was a little smaller than what the package said, so I stuffed a different pillow in the case. It looks a little hour-glass shaped; but for my first project, I'm okay with it.

There is this amazing amazing fabric warehouse about 10 minutes from here in Belleville, NJ. Its actually an old warehouse, with the crank ceiling windows and everything.  They had an incredible selection, and such reasonable prices. And the picture is only about 1/4 of the store!

I've come across a couple great sewing blogs that I'd like to start reading on a regular basis. They have some really great projects.

Now that I've made the jump into another craft; I'm wondering how many multi-craft girls are out there? What other creative stuff is everyone into?