Sunday, November 27, 2011

December Daily Inspiration: Week 1

Happy (almost) December everyone!

I've been hard at work on my December Daily album, I have the inside pages as well as the cover ready to go. I'm leading a December Daily discussion over at ScrapFreak; as well as chatting with the girls at Studio Calico

Each week I'll be posting some interactive inspiration to help us work on our December Daily projects.  Every Monday I'll post several ways for you to jump-start your projects, and keep the mojo flowing throughout the super busy month.

-- What is your holiday shopping like? Who do you buy for? What kind of gifts to you tend to give? Are you Santa to anyone? Do you shop a lot online? Are there favorite stores that you love to go into on the holidays?

-- Favorite Holiday Movies
(now find when they are showing, and document the experience)

-- Holiday Colors: Show off your holiday palette. Are you a Red and Green traditionalist? Do you throw some fun colors in the mix like pink or purple? Do you love the winter wonderland look, and stick with whites and creams? Lets see those holiday colors!

-- Washi Tape. With the holidays being such a busy time, washi tape is the perfect thing to stick down ephemera or memorabilia you might have.  Keep some on your desk so you can grab it easily at any time. Don't have any washi tape? Paint or color some masking tape instead!

-- Write your letter to Santa! or make copies of your kids' Santa letters before you send them off to the North Pole.

Thanks for playing along!