Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Daily | Day 3

Three days into December, and my December Daily is going pretty well. I think its partially because of how organized I got before the project began.

Here is my setup: I keep most stuff right on my table. I made a little desktop organizer with some toilet paper rolls and scrap paper. Keep my pens, liquid glue, hole punch, paintbrushes, etc in there. Having eight separate holes makes it a lot easier to see what's inside and grab what I need.

My December Daily supplies are kept in this plexiglass desk organizer. It has three small square compartments at the top and one long compartment at the bottom. I stuck an egg carton in the long compartment so I could hold and separate all my little embellishments.  The three compartments at the top hold (in order from L to R):
1. Mr. Huey's and stamps
2. Tags, paper embellishments
3. Adhesives

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weeekend!