Sunday, January 8, 2012

Broken Computer

Bad luck befalls the best of us.

Unfortunately my netbook has decided that it no longer wants to work, so I've been without my own computer for a couple of weeks now. My little go-to machine, with all my projects, notes, bookmarks, and fun stuff, has finally decided that its going to take a break of its own.  So that has left me a lacking a bit in the online communications department.  The silver lining is that I've had some extra time to work on crafty and creative endeavors.
  • I've finished up my December Daily (photos soon). 
  • Project Life is well underway.
  • Fun new projects in the future. 
On a personal note, I've decided that I'm going to be returning to school in September to finish up my undergraduate degree, as well as figuring out where I would like to go to graduate school.  Over the next few weeks and into the spring, I will be evolving my blog to include more of that journey. I look forward to sharing these upcoming life moments with you all.

I'll be back to updating regularly within a week. Thanks for checking in, and I hope everyone is having a great new year.