Saturday, January 28, 2012

Project Life Printable: Movie Night

We do a good amount of movie watching here.  We'll set up on the couch, make some snacks and hang out together to watch a flick.  There are times when I'd like to record that in my Project Life pages for the week. So I designed a quick little printable (be kind its my first one) for 'movie night'.

And its no fun if I'm the only one who gets use out of it, so I'd like to share it with everyone. 

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It's really easy to print on the Project Life grid cards, or any other 4"x3" paper. I've taken a few pictures to outline the steps below.

Step One: Print your image on a regular sheet of computer paper. 

Step Two: Cover your image with a blank grid card (or whatever paper you want the image on). I used a little bit of washi tape to stick my image down, but you can use masking tape, or any removable adhesive. 

Step Three: Run your sheet of paper through the printer again. Make sure you are running it through the same direction as before. Tip: if you are unsure which way your printer feeds, mark a corner of your paper before you print, and then make sure your marked corner is in the same place when you go to reprint. 

Step Four: Carefully take off the tape. If you are finding that its not coming off easily, give it a quick blast with your heat gun to melt the adhesive just a bit. 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my first printable. I hope someone else can get a little bit of use out of it! Please feel free to use it in any of your personal projects, I just ask that you don't use it for profit. 

Any questions or suggestions, please let me know! 

-- Kristin

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