Friday, February 24, 2012

Layout: ScrapFreak Crop Challenge

Happy Friday!!!

Hope everyone is having an awesome day. If you have some free time this weekend, please head over to ScrapFreak for our Leap Year Crop! We have some great challenges in store for you.

I'd like to share part of my challenge with you: 

Everyday we come across things that appeal to our sense of aesthetics. We are naturally drawn to images that we find attractive, it might be a magazine ad, a poster on the street, or a picture of someone's home. But in order to take those things that appeal to us & turn them into inspiration, we have to first figure out what makes them appealing to us. 

For today's challenge, I want us to take a look at these three images from graphic designer Christine Wisnieski. Figure out what about them appeals to you, and then use that as inspiration to create your own project. 

There are a few more images at the challenge page here

I love looking at these images, they really just resonate with me. I'm going to deconstruct that first image to figure out what I'm really drawn to. 
  • The first thing that pulls me in is the idea of 'organized chaos', I love that all those buttons are scattered just about the page, but yet its not a destructive type of disorganization. 
  • The second thing is that deep woodgrain background. I think it really makes the buttons pop off the page. 
  • Third is the fabulous variety of typefaces and graphic images that appear on each of the buttons, I'm really in love with that 'new retro' type look -- the modern vintage.
Here's a layout I created inspired by these awesome images:

And a couple of smaller closeups: 

As you can see, I was obviously pulled in by that woodgrain pattern. I picked out this photo because I really loved all that greenery on the right hand side and thought it went well with the whole conservatory theme. 

Please come check out my challenge, as well as the rest of the challenges over at ScrapFreak! We'll be handing out some awesome prizes and having lots of fun!

-- Kristin