Saturday, February 4, 2012


 Writing can be such a therapeutic experience, and journaling is no different. I've been having a difficult week, with all these little things adding up and stressing me out.  I was finally able to break out of it, and journaling how I was feeling really helped. I created this layout to go along with this week's ScrapFreak Freaky Friday Challenge:
This month's Trends and Design challenge focuses on the idea of softness. 
The look and feel of softness can be obtained in many different ways
  • Muted tones
  • Whites and Greys instead of Blacks and Browns
  • Ruffles, lace, fine detail
  • Fine point pen handwriting, as opposed to bold block letters
  • Large amount of neutral space and a sparce use of color
You can check out the challenge here:

A couple of fun things about this layout: First, I made the heart out of some washi-taped paper which I then punched the heart shape out of. Second, I hand carved that chevron stamp up at the top.