Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tutorial: I Love You Mini Envelope Book

I Love You Mini Envelope Book

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Hey! Today I'd like to share with you a really cute little mini book that I made for Jeff for Valentine's Day.

The book is made from 6 little envelopes bound together with washi and artist's tape; and each  envelope holds a tag with a special note inside.

Supplies Used: 

  • 6 Envelopes (You can use any envelopes for this project -- I used miniature tiny bag type envelopes for mine).
  • Artist Tape (Masking Tape will do)
  • Washi Tape
  • Binder Clips/Clothespins
  • 6 Tags cut to fit inside your envelopes
  • Random Stamps & Embellishments for decorating

1. The first step is to stamp/decorate the front and back of all your envelopes. I stamped the day of the week on the front of each of my envelopes; and the red punchinella pattern on the back.

When you're finished decorating your individual envelopes, we'll move on to binding the book together. 

2. Stack all your envelopes together in order.  You are going to be taping the CLOSED side of the envelope (the side across from the opening). Hold your envelopes together and place a strip of artist (or masking) tape binding together the group of envelopes. Don't worry if its not super stuck together just yet, we'll be taping the inside envelopes together in the next step.  

Trim off the excess tape from the top and bottom of the book of envelopes, and grab your washi tape for the next step. 

3. Now we are ready to bind the inside pages together. Open your book up to the first set of pages. Place a strip of washi tape down the center, making sure that you get the tape on both sides. Repeat this step for each of your inside pages. 

Once you trim off the excess washi tape, grab two binder clips (or clothespins) and clamp down your binded edge. This will ensure that your tape sticks as much as possible and that the pages on your book will open easier. Leave on the clips for an hour or two, and then we'll move onto the next step.

4. The last step is to add in the tags and decorate the cover of the book. Grab your stamps, and your stickers, and whatever other embellishments you're in the mood for and go to town. 

Stick a tag inside each of the envelopes, decorate the cover and then you're totally done! I added some bling and a little heart to my cover. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! If you like the project, feel free to pin it so that you have easy access to it all the time! 

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