Friday, March 30, 2012

Layout: Look its Me & My Hat

Today I'd like to share a fun layout with you, and one of my favorite ways to get the most use out of your photos. 

I play around with my iPhone all the time -- lots of self portraits. Unfortunately the front facing camera doesn't have the best photo quality, so the photos don't look that great when you get large prints. 

One of my favorite solutions is to make the photo a smaller size and then use that same photo multiple times. It takes up the same space as a larger photo, and your picture doesn't get distorted because it was enlarged too much. 

For this specific photo, I opened it in photoshop and created a block of three pictures right next to one another, with a black border around each one. I then printed it out as a 4x6 at my local photo shop, and cut off the excess at the top and the bottom. 

I used the dear lizzy papers to reinforce the snapshot theme and I washi taped around the outside. The translucent washi tapes are really good for going over other washi tape (or patterned paper) and muting brighter colors. 

Thanks for stopping by!!