Monday, April 2, 2012

Layouts: About Me

About Me - Two Ways

I scrap about myself all the time.  I don't have kids, and scrapping about how much I love my boyfriend can get a little boring. So I scrap about myself all the time. 

I take lots of self-pictures with my iPhone and just scrap about some random stuff that I'm thinking about or stuff that's going on. 

Today I'm sharing two of my recent 'me' layouts. They are both about 'stuff I think about'; but I went about it in two totally different ways. 

The first one is a bit of a mish-mash of stuff -- I wanted to scrap about how I'm always thinking about fifty million things at once. I started with a kraft background and added some random embellishments and frames here and there. I weaved my journaling throughout the page to mimic the idea of free-flowing thoughts. 

The second layout was a little bit more concrete. I'm loving all of the great pie-chart layouts I've been seeing lately, so I threw together a quick graph of what I group my random musings into. I think it came out pretty accurate lol. 

I love to encourage everyone to scrap more about themselves. I love talking about how to get more into scrapping about yourself, and getting over the awkwardness of scrapping yourself.