Thursday, July 12, 2012

Introducing: Project Life 1.5!!

Project Life: Version 1.5

After spending the last six months filling up a 12x12 double page layout for each week, I was getting a bit overwhelmed. I was struggling to fill the pages, and then putting it off because I wasn't sure how to finish up. 

But I really love Project Life. I love the concept, I love making little mini cards, I love the everyday snapshots. I love my spreads when they are finished. So I decided to step back and figure out how to make Project Life work for me. 

First: I'm making one page a week. 
Second: I'm cutting down my pages to 9"x12" (or about that)
Third: Blog photos don't have to be perfect

One page a week lets me concentrate on the fun things that happened during the week, instead of having to manufacturer (or drag out) the same mundane events. When I have weeks with extra stuff to document, I can easily make fun inserts and interactive pages -- keeping my book fresh and fun. 

I also cut my page protectors (these are Becky Higgins Design F) down by 25%. I've been scrapping a lot of 8.5x11" layouts lately, and cutting the page protectors down made it a lot more comfortable to work with. Like I said before, I'm making this project work for me. 

The third thing that I really wanted to stress to myself is that sharing is more important than making pictures look perfect. Project Life is so hard to photograph --  any light on the page protectors, and there is glare all over the place. So I just said screw it -- I'm gonna share the imperfect pictures. 

A lot of these pictures are taken on my iPhone, its easy to take, easy to edit, easy to upload. 

I'm not concerning myself with a little bit of glare -- or a little bit of weirdness. 

Thank you so much for stopping by! I can't wait to keep sharing Project Life.

PS -- Over the weekend I'll be sharing the Silhouette file used in the Gilmore Girls (above left) journaling card. 

PPS -- Look for a new issue of the Project Life Inspiration Newsletter right after CHA!