Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Documenting Your Getaway // Part One: Choosing and Packing Supplies

This is the first article in a multi-part series on how to prepare for and document those quick trips away from home. Road Trips, Long Weekends, Festivals, even Stay-cations can get scrapped in record time with lots of detail and fun. This first topic will cover creating a to-go kit, and later on we'll cover scrapping away from home, printing pictures on the road, in-the-moment journaling, and finishing up your book. 

Jeff and I take lots of little getaway trips; usually long weekends, somewhere within driving distance. It's a pretty short time away, but we invariably do a bunch of cool things. I wind up with at least 20 or 30 pictures and tons of little stories and anecdotes. Too much for a single layout or for project life, but do I want to wait till I get home and add it to the list of 'mini-books to make in the future'? Definitely Not, I've made that mistake one too many times. 

What to do? In trying to solve this dilemma, I came up with a strategy: Start documenting things as soon as possible. I decided I would try to scrapbook while I was on the trip. This has worked pretty effectively for a couple trips now, so I'm sharing my process from start to finish.  

Part 1: Choosing and Packing Your Supplies 

In part 1 we'll look at how to pack up a kit that will let you get the most out of your vacation crafty time. I'll let you know exactly what you to pack and exactly what you shouldn't worry about taking with you. 

Choosing a foundation: 


Choosing a pre-made mini book (or making your own mini-book ahead of time) is definitely the way to go. For this particular project, I chose to use an Amy Tangerine Day-Book. I love each of the unique pages and decided that the bright colors would go perfectly with the photos of the Newport Folk Festival and the weekend's fun activities. 

What to bring: 

The Tools: Just the bare-bones. Bring smaller tools that can do the job of the larger tools you'll leave at home. Bring a handheld glue runner instead of your giant tape roller; bring scissors instead of a paper trimmer. Tools can add a lot of bulk to your kit, so only bring what you need. 
  • Scissors -- A pair of small and sharp scissors work well for any small cutting you'll need to do
  • Glue Runner -- Whatever handheld glue runner that you are most comfortable with
  • Stapler/Tiny Attacher -- Easy & quick way to attach memorabilia/journaling cards/etc
  • Journaling Pens -- I'm a sucker for pens, so I always bring too many. Bring your favorite black journaling pen, along with a few backup pens--just in case. 

Stamps & Ink Pads: Bring a couple of your favorite stamp sets & ink pads; here are a few suggestions
  • Alphabet Stamp Set: This will let you quickly stamp titles/notes
  • Small Sentiments (I chose the speech bubbles stamp set): Quickly add some emotion
  • Vacation Stamp Set: seems a natural fit for a getaway mini-book
  • Miscellaneous Stamp Set: I like the variety it offers in the small package -- perfect for on the go. 
  • Ink Pads -- I picked a neutral and two coordinating colors. Bring a few of your favorites. 

Embellishments: bring embellishments that aren't bulky, and pick those that are also quick and easy to use. Here's what I brought: 
  • Labels: Just stick them on and add a little bit of journaling
  • Tags: Great to add photos to, as well as some extra journaling
  • DieCuts/Stickers: Embellishments the coordinate with my mini-book made an excellent addition
  • Doodads: A couple of flair buttons, tabs, and paper clips to add some interest
  • Washi Tape: Can't go anywhere without washi!
What NOT to bring: 
  • ATG Gun/Bulky tools
  • 12x12 patterned paper
  • Everything you think you need to complete the project, you'll finish it up at home
  • Liquid Glue: You don't want your entire project to be ruined by a bottle of glue. Better safe than sorry.
  • Supplies that take a long time to use/dry/set/etc. 

Next week we'll tackle Part Two: Scrapbooking Away From Home & Part Three: Finishing Up Your Project.