Thursday, February 7, 2013

Project Life: Week 3

This week brought a huge change to my normal Project Life spread. Instead of a single page condensed Design F for the week; I created a two-page spread with an insert. This week documents more of our trip to Southern California, we took so many pictures and did so many things worth documenting that anything less than this would have been a disservice to our memories :).

Please excuse the mediocre quality of the photos -- the weather has been absolutely terrible for taking photos the past few weeks, every day is just dreary. I am completely ready for winter to be over.


*Warning -- this post is VERY photo heavy, it might take a couple seconds to load :)

During week two, I used a Design D page protector because I had some fantastic 4x6 vertical pictures that I wanted to include. So the left side this week is the back of that Design D page. I added my customary condensed Design F page protector on the right side and in the middle is a 6x8 page protector (studio calico).

I had several really fun sunset pictures this week; so I tried (mostly) to keep the color palette filled with muted oranges and blues (the Seafoam kit was really great). I used the Studio Calico January PL kit as well as a lot of Elle's Studio tags -- which you can pick up in the shop soon!

This is the left side of the spread. I used a Design D (becky higgins) Page Protector. I could not get a clear picture of this side for the life of me -- I must have tried at least 30 times on 5 or 6 different days -- so glad spring is almost here. Those vertical pictures were two of my favorite shots from our entire vacation. I opted to use a lot more of my space for photos this week, with just little snippets of journaling here and there.

The vertical picture (which looks awesome in real life lol) was taken by Jeffrey at the top of Griffith Observatory on our last day in LA. It was by far my favorite place in the city. I loved that you could see EVERYTHING. The hollywood sign, downtown, all the mountains, and the OCEAN! Being up in the mountains and seeing the ocean was so awesome!

Working with the 3x4 horizontal pockets again this week was fun. I had a bunch of landscape photos that I wanted to use; so I just shrunk them down and slipped them in. The top pocket is a photo of me and Rob Delaney; he's my absolute favorite stand up comic in the entire world and we were lucky enough to catch a show of his while we were out there. And once the show was out he was standing around chatting with some people and I got a picture!! I'm not a celebrity crush type person at all -- but I was so happy!! And even though it was a terrible picture (inside a theater with the flash on), it was such a great part of our trip that I needed to include it. 

In the bottom corner I have one 4x6 pocket dedicated to CHA. It was such a busy show that I didn't get to take pictures with everyone that I would have liked to, so I just grabbed a couple that gave a broad overview (the booth I was working, my social media butterflies friends, and the art anthology/basically bare team dinner) of the time I had at the show. 

I added two more horizontal photos from Griffith Observatory (that astronomy paper was perfect) to round out the bottom corner. 

This is a photo from Venice Beach. Ever since I was a little girl I imagined what it would be like to see the sunset over the ocean . After spending my summers at the Jersey shore and getting ocean sunrises, I really wanted to see that ocean sunset -- and it definitely didn't disappoint. 

And another 4x6 pocket with a couple self-pictures and some journaling of our evening at Venice Beach. This pocket has some fun elements: I cut out the 'This is Life' circle from a Seafoam core kit card, added doodling around the one picture, stamped a little bit here and there and added a chipboard geotag, my favorite amy tangerine letters, and another Elle's Studio tag. 

The insert: 

For the insert I used a Studio Calico Handbook 6x8 page protector. I had a few left over from my December Daily album and it was the perfect size for the extra photos I wanted to add. I do have one issue with the 6x8 page protectors though -- the 4x6 pockets open at the top, and they are just a tiny bit too big so photos/papers tend to fall out. I used a decorative paperclip to hold my stuff in the pocket and add a little bit of fun. 

We spent the last day in LA driving around and doing a bit of sight-seeing. The insert highlights some of my favorite pictures from that day. The 3x4 'You Make My Heart Sing' card is from Dear Lizzy's new Lucky Charm collection. Its on a sheet of 12x12 paper with a bunch of other great cards. 

**aside: at CHA a lot of the manufacturers came out with 12x12 patterned paper sheets with 3x4 sized card images. They're the same cost as any other sheet of 12x12 paper and you can cut them up into 12 individual cards. This is a GREAT way to keep your project life budget down but still get some extra fun in there. 

This might be my favorite ever picture of the two of us. It was a front facing iPhone picture so I couldn't make it too big or it'd be too blurry. I added a doodled frame around the outside, a little bit of stamping, and cut out a part of an Elle's Studio tag for the 'the best things in life' arrow. 

This is the backside of the insert. A couple more cool pictures from our visit to the Watts Towers and the Levitated Mass at LACMA. I was a little bit silly here and just had a fun time putting these pockets together. The upper-left pocket has a background of tiny little multi-colored dots to mimic the mosaic tiles of the Watts Towers. For the right-hand pocket, I cut the photo to fit inside the journaling box area of that journaling card. I really like how the rest of the card frames the picture. I added a 'you rock' stamp at the bottom for some extra silliness. 

The bottom 4x6 pocket is another card from the Seafoam core kit. The ombre gradient reminded me of the slope to walk underneath the rock; I added some bold black thickers for a little bit of typography. I finished it off with some journaling and another tag from Elle's Studio

And on to the right side :) 

For the right side I reverted back to my standard cut-down Design F page protector. Mostly because I knew I wasn't going to need a 12x12 sheet for the week after and I wanted to make sure my pages matched up. I had a couple of photos that weren't quite 3x4 so I just backed them all on solid colored patterned papers giving them each a little bit of a frame. 

I snapped a photo of downtown LA while we were driving on the highway. Everyone said that LA traffic was crazy and that it was such a pain in the ass to get anywhere. But honestly we had no problems whatsoever. There was traffic headed towards/away from LA at rush hour -- but I mean, it is the second largest city in the country...if there wasn't traffic during rush hour then something would be wrong. Also growing up right outside of NYC probably made me a much more traffic tolerant person (or at least a 'lets get off the road and find a new way home' person). 

Just a quick picture I took of Jeffrey while we were standing outside LACMA. I added some Elle's Studio tags in lieu of journaling. 

This is one of my favorite parts of the whole spread (and maybe even my whole PL book at this point). We flew out of Orange County airport in the morning; and I snapped the shot on the left from the airplane. What a crazy amazing view, right? And I snapped the photo on the right when we touched down for our layover in Atlanta. So for the middle I stamped the outline of the United States with little arrows for our day of travel and added the geotags and a bit of journaling. 

The final section of my spread for the week included 3 cards from the Seafoam core kit: A journaling card, a 'currently' background card; and my own #CurrentlyList printable printed onto a 'stuff of life' journaling card. Check back next week for a tutorial on how to print your Currently List onto store-bought journaling cards. 

This spread took me a while to get through, but I am so happy with the way it turned out. I think it really captures the feel of our trip out to California and I am so glad that I documented it as soon as I got home or else there would have been way to many awesome little details that just fell through the cracks. 

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