Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Few Thoughts on Telling Your Story

A couple weeks back, Laura posted a great question in the comments of the weekly Currently List Post
 "Question for you. I've been using your currently cards since the beginning of the year...I fill them out on Sundays, and I've been wondering: for your "watching" and "listening" and, well, basically all of them, do you try to summarize the week, or just the day you fill it out, or what? Over a week I'll have watched several different TV shows/movies, listened to several songs/artists/podcasts, etc. Actually most of the other ones I don't have a problem with, as those things have endured for the week, so it works. Any suggestions for those more fleeting activities? Thanks."
There really is no single right answer. 

But there are a couple of different approaches to take.

  1. Overview: Write out the list at roughly the same time each week and try to create a general overview of the week, highlighting key things that stand out. 
  2. Right Now: Write out the list at whatever times strike your fancy. Go with a 'right now' mentality, embrace the fleeting moments and write the list while answering the question, "What am I currently thinking/feeling/loving right at this moment". Really make it a snapshot of life.
  3. Mixed: (This is my usual approach) Write this list at the same time on a regular basis but ask the question, "What am I currently thinking/watching/reading right at this moment".  This way you're capturing the same fleeting snapshot of life on a week to week basis. 
  4. Freeform: Answer whichever questions pertain to you when you're writing out your list. If you aren't reading anything this week -- skip it. If you're Eating something special -- add that in. The Currently stamp makes it easy to make up your own list, like I did here: 

and here are a few personal thoughts about I look at the questions on a week to week basis
  • I fill my list out on Thursday nights. I either write down exactly what I'm reading/watching at that specfic time unless there is something that really dominates my week
  • Watching -- its usually either shows I'm actually watch on Thursday nights; or I've put show's like Revenge and Once Upon a Time; because I binge watched each of those shows during a given week
  • Listening -- if there's a song that I've put on repeat; I'll use that -- or sometimes I just go with the audiobook I;m listening to before I go to bed. And if I still can't come up with something; I'll go a little bit meta; listening to: the thoughts in my head. 
How would you answer Laura's question? What's your approach to Currently? Please leave a comment below and let me know how you document your story with the Currently Journaling Cards. 

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