Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Blog & Brand Re-design

Over the next few months you're going to be seeing a lot of changes here at rukristin papercrafts. I'm planning to vastly expand my empire and take over the entire world through mind-control memory-keeping the rukristin brand. There's a lot of exciting stuff going on here and I thought it would be great to share the fun and interesting stuff.

Things to look out for: 

  • New self-paced online workshops
  • New exclusive products designed and sold by me
  • More expertly curated memory-keeping kits
  • Expanded design services
  • and a massive blog re-design
You can follow along with the behind the scenes look at my blog redesign. Right now I'm still in the very early planning stages but you can check out my preliminary mood board and get a feel for the look I'm going for. 

Here are a couple of images to help visualize:

I seem to be sticking with my yellow and adding in some more natural textured neutrals and lots and lots of white space as well as a clean design with a little bit more cuteness. This will obviously change and evolve over the next few months; but it'll be cool to look back and see the design seeds that started it all. 

Original source for all images can be found here: http://pinterest.com/rukristin/my-dream-blog/