Thursday, April 25, 2013

Project Life & Sakura Microperm Pens: A Giveaway!

Everyday storytelling is incredibly important to me and Project Life is my favorite memory-keeping project. It really captures what I'm doing with my life right now, and seeing how those everyday things change from week-to-week is such a treasure to look back on. 

My project life spreads have a modern take on them: graphic patterns, photos, and lots of handwriting. For me, lots of handwriting is very important. It shows that a real human being sat down and wrote out these words. I love seeing old memorabilia with my mother or grandmother's handwriting and I want to leave something similar for my children and grandchildren. 

For Project Life (and most of my other journaling) I use a Sakura Microperm pen. I first picked up the microperm pen this past winter and I haven't put it down since. It Its a permanent/waterproof marker from Sakura with the same pen nib as the Micron pens. The nib gives you a lot more control than any other permanent markers/pens I've used. It writes perfectly on photos, transparencies, etc. AND it comes in three sizes: .05, .03 & .01 -- I love pens that come in .01!

After finding out how thrilled I am with their amazing Microperm pen; Sakura has very kindly sent me two brand new packages of Microperm pens to give away here today. In addition to the pens, I'll be adding two sets of Currently journaling cards to the giveaway! More information below. 

I use the Microperm pen for all of my project life journaling. I love the way it feels in my hand and on the page. I always feel like I'm in control of the pen and the fact that its a permanent ink that writes perfectly on cardstock, photos, glossy surfaces, washi tape, and transparencies makes it my go-to Project Life pen. 

One more reason to love the microperm: stamping. I use a ton of black Staze-On in my project life spreads, and it can be a bit splotchy at times. The microperm fills in the missing areas like a dream. The .01 tip is awesome for fine detailing work. 

What happened this week: We did a lot of holiday prep. Menu planning, cleaning and grocery shopping for Passover and Easter. I also visited a friend in NYC for a scrappy girls day and then met Jeff for an awesome fish & chips dinner. 

Favorites this week:  Loving the currently stamp used vertically; the 'NYC' geotag card (I've beeen waiting since January to use that one); the sakura souffle pens for the 'march' title and the 'on the path to nyc' journaling. 

Techniques used this week: Lots of stamping with Staze-On (using the microperm to fill in); writing directly on photos with the microperm and souffle pens; long paragraphs of storytelling. 

Supplies used this week: All photos printed at Persnickety Prints

Giveaway! Follow the instructions below to be entered into a giveaway for a pack of 3 Microperm pens and a set of Currently journaling cards. Two people will win! Please follow the rules to keep it fair for everyone :) 

Disclaimer: Sakura provided me with the pens for this giveaway as well as some pens to use for this blog post. All words, images, and opinions expressed in this post (and all others on this blog) are explicitly my own. 

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