Friday, June 14, 2013

Find Your Voice Team Members

Find Your Voice Team Members

I am so excited to announce the names of all the amazing women who are going to be helping me out this summer. They are all incredibly talented, eager, and enthusiastic and will be a huge part in making this workshop and the Find Your Voice community a success. Please join me in welcoming them! 

Jessica Bree, Emily Dismukes, Molly Porter, Emily Hathcock, Lisa Wilkinson, Veronica Milan, Michelle Wear, Laura Kate Is Crafty, Jen Ritchie, Allie, Katie Stories, Shay Tibbs, DeeDee Catron, Megan Anderson, Nirupama KUmar, Eden Hensley, Margrethe Aas Johnsen, Jo, Kim Poplaski, Ruth Bonser, Fiona D'Elboux,, Alissa @Lifeonlakeland, Kristin Long, and Melissa Priest.

These women will be sharing their thoughts, feelings, and creative projects with us as we all work together this summer to find our voices. Thank you again to all of these great women!

Please spread the word by blogging, tweeting, and telling all your friends about this awesome workshop! Please feel free to use any of the images/text on the Find Your Voice blog posts. Just make sure to link back to the facebook group and!