Wednesday, April 29, 2009

some photos.

Here are a couple pictures I've taken recently. They aren't necessarily good pictures; just a couple that I decided to throw up here. I've been trying to put forth a good faith effort in taking pictures as much as possible.

Since its been so unbearably hot this past weekend; I decided that there really was no better place to be but on the beach down the shore. I was able to get down there twice in the past few days; and the weather was just absolutely incredible. I'm so happy that its getting warmer out and I can hang outside a lot more! It just feels so good to be outside.

Like I said in my last post; I was in an accident on Friday night. A bunch of people from work decided that we would hit up midnight bingo in Old Bridge; unfortunately there was bumper to bumper traffic on route 18 south and we were in a multi car collision :/. We weren't able to make it to bingo; but everyone was alright---and that was the most important thing.

Going to the diner at 2am. Such a Jersey thing ;)

Hope everyone is well prepared for National Scrapbooking Day!! I'm going to my aunt's house to scrapbook with her and my mom. The chicklets over at the Freak are having an awesome NDS cyber crop. They always rock the crops; so you should totally head over there and check it out! Hopefully I'll have some more projects to show you in the next few days! I really need to catch up with my creativity!
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