Friday, October 1, 2010

10.1 Foto Friday - Trees: Yoko Ono's Wish Tree

Its Friday! and over at ScrapFreak that means awesome challenges! As soon as I saw this week's challenge, I knew exactly what photos I wanted to post, as well as share the fantastic story behind them!

It's Foto Friday!

Each week we challenge you with a new theme. We'd love to see you get out that camera, brush up on those photography skills, and take a NEW photo based on the theme. However, we realize that might not be possible for everyone, so you're welcome to share photos from your stash that fit within the theme of the week.
This week's photo challenge is trees.

Here are two pictures I took in DC at the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden that I thought fit the challenge perfectly. All of the tags hanging off the tree branches are people's wishes.  The tree is part of a Yoko Ono installation to promote peace around the world.  People take tags, and write their wishes, and eventually they are "harvested" and sent to Yoko Ono's Peace Tower in Iceland, the Smithsonian Magazine blog goes into more detail here.

Thanks again to the Freak for their wonderful challenges, and inspiration. These pictures make me want to do a project about wishes. What would you wish for? I wonder what kind of project I could come up with.