Friday, October 1, 2010

DC through the Lens of the Hipstamatic

Jeff and I spent last weekend in DC. We drove down Friday afternoon and left Sunday morning (so we could get home in time for football of course).  Friday night we got in and went to an incredible restaurant, Brasserie Beck, hands down the best meal I've had since Vegas. We spent Saturday out and about in the city, we walked by the White House, went down to the mall--where the National Book Festival was going on, and then went to some museums before heading over to Ben's Chili Bowl for dinner. Here are a couple shots that I took using my iPhone and the Hipstamatic app, I really loved the vintage look with the historical buildings. The shots are pretty much all using the Helga lens or the John S. lens.

Friday night at Brasserie Beck

On our way down to the mall, cool building.

The Capitol

Laying down in the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden.

My favorite shirt.

National Book Fair on the Mall

We had a fantastic time, and are looking forward to going back soon and spending more than just the day.  There are tons of museums we need to visit, and lots more pictures to take.