Friday, October 1, 2010

Thursday Media Consumption

Not much to report on media consumption today. Had a bad headache this morning and didn't get around to watching as much as I would have liked. I mostly laid on the couch and read the internet and played a bit more Puzzle Quest!

But I did get around to watching two episodes of Firefly--the Joss Whedon (Buffy, Angel) show.
Episode 3: Bushwacked - This one was probably the most "Sci-Fi" of any of the episodes so far. Introduction to some more of the anti-government sentiment.

Episode 4: Shindig - My favorite episode yet. What was there not to love? There was a fancy party with beautiful dresses. The Captain defended Inara's honor in a duel. The absolutely adorable Kaylee (my favorite character that isn't named Casey) was featured in that frilly pink dress, and all the boys started to adore her when she started showing off her smarts. And River saving the day! I had such a smile on my face when she was telling the silly little man with the accent to go to hell.

Well, more media tomorrow! And perhaps if I'm a lucky girl...I'll be back to report on the Season 3 Finale of Mad Men!