Saturday, October 30, 2010

Scrappy Stuff :)

Now that I've gotten back into the swing of scrapping and creating things on a daily basis. I'm going to try to blog about them as well.

Jessica Bree has asked me to join her Who's That Girl design team, challenges are posted twice a month, focusing on All About Me Challenges.

Last week's challenge was #19 Holiday Blues.

Here's my take on the Challenge: "Less Stress" -- Challenge and Journaling after the jump

 The Challenge:
Holiday Blues:   As women, and as crafters, I find that so many of my friends set crazy expectations for themselves for the holidays... make handmade, thrifty gifts that will amaze! cook the perfect holiday meal! photograph every perfect cherished moment!   It can really be a bit overwhelming.  So right now, before the holidays really pick up, take a moment to think about the holidays.
What do you love most about upcoming holidays? What is a realistic set of goals for you this year?  The idea is to create a page that will help you keep the important stuff in mind as you enter into what can be a cherished but stressful time of the year.
You can scrap your goals for this year, document what you love most about the holidays as a reminder, or choose one word that represents what you want from the holidays.  Your take on the challenge is up to you!

My Journaling:

So what I need to remember more than any thing else is that this is my time to relax. It would have been a waste of all my time off if I just jumped from a really stressful job and then get all caught up in the holidays. I wouldn't ever get to really recharge which is my number one priority now. There are definitely things I want to do for the holidays.  Tons of things that would be great to do and I'm sure I'll get to doing a lot of them. I would love to make hand made Christmas cards, finish up my holiday village, host people at the apartment multiple times throughout the season. All these things make me happy, but they can also stress me out to no end. So I just need to make sure to maximize my happiness without letting it prevent me from relaxing and letting myself recharge. And besides all that stuff, there will be plenty more holiday seasons to go all out and drive myself super crazy. As for this year, I'm only going to do as much as I want, and nothing more.  10/2010.