Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Eek! Less than two weeks left!

I can't believe there is less than two weeks until Christmas. I'm nowhere close to where I need to be!

I'm still behind on my December Daily, although I have been pretty good about taking pictures--and I guess in the end, thats the important part.

This stupid shoulder thing has hindered me from doing so much, we only got the tree finished up last night (pic below with the cute jewish boy putting the star on the tree--its nice to create new mixed family traditions). I can't drive anywhere, so I've had to do all my shopping online so far, and I just wanna go out and touch things and feel them before I buy them!! I need picture frames, but I can't tell what they are like online, so I'm really hesitant to buy them.

Creative Soup is off to a great start, we're a chatty bunch, and we love new fun people so please please come over and hang out with us :) There are some fantastic challenges coming up in January! and stay tuned for some sneaks from me coming up in the next week! ...you might want to hang on to some of your favorite holiday catalogs...just sayin:).

I got my Studio Calico kit, and I pretty much wet myself when I opened the box. It was the most fantastic kit I've gotten from them (and I've been subscribing for almost 2.5 years) I am just IN LOVE, and ready to make some cool layouts with it :D Can't wait to share them with you!

Jeff's last day of work is tomorrow, so I have a couple of things that I still need to work on while he's gone, mainly wrapping the presents of his that I already have...but I have no wrapping boxes; so I'm just gonna try to be creative and wrap them in fun ways :)

On a fun note, I got out of the house this weekend.  Jeff and I went to visit our friends down the shore, I was able to give them a really cute photo I took of them, and they both loved it. Nothing makes me happier than seeing how much other people like gifts that you've given them. ESPECIALLY homemade gifts! It always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. We took a couple cute pictures, I don't have too many pictures of us together, so I'm happy these came out cute :D

I'll update later tonight with some new December Daily pictures! I need to finish wrapping up all Jeff's presents before he gets home!! 

PS -- The Piano Man himself, Billy Joel, comes to Rock Band tonight!!! It will be happening SO HARD in this house.