Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fun stuff coming up!!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Just a couple quick things to share.  First, I realize I need to change around my header again, I'm limited with the photo editing when I'm on the netbook, so I'll try to get over to the bigger computer and fiddle around with it this weekend.

Most Important! Creative Soup is now up and running! Please come and join us! It's a really fantastic group of women.

We will be starting our weekly challenges and quarterly classes with the new year, but for now we're just gonna have some fun getting to know each other, with a couple little creative challenges here and there. To kick things off we are going to have an informal crop tomorrow, I have at least one challenge planned, and I'm hoping to get one more! The challenges will go up tomorrow! Please stop by and play with us! We would love to see you!!

I haven't gotten a chance to scrap any more of my December Daily, yesterday I was working on a wrapping a gift for Jeff's holiday work party.  I think it came out pretty cool. I have a whole cropper hopper thing full of holiday paper from past years, so I just pulled out a few sheets and had some fun. It was the first time I made one of those cool paper fan things. It gave me a chance to play around with what I want to do when wrapping some of the more important presents later on.

Also, in anticipation of this holiday party. Jeff decided to shave off the beard he has been growing since the middle of September. Here he is before the shaving happened. I'll try to get up a good picture of the newly shaven Jeffrey tomorrow. 

My Studio Calico box is slated to get to my door anytime now, and I've promised myself I am going to dig right into it and play with it as long as I possibly can today. So hopefully I'll have a lot more to share with you tomorrow, because I have been anticipating this kit for a LONG time, and I'm so so so excited for it to get here!!!