Wednesday, December 29, 2010

End of December Wrap Up

There hasn't been all that much to update, I've been in a sling since I went to the ER two weeks ago, and its put a damper on all things crafty and such. I've started to slowly get back into making things, a couple minutes here and there, but nothing really to show for it yet. So here are a couple of photos I've taken the past few weeks; and hopefully I'll be able to complete my December Daily after the first of the year!

There is another exciting project coming from the super awesome mind of Miss Jessica Bree that we will announce on the 1st of the year. Head on over to Creative Soup for all the awesome details on the first of the year!

Us on the way home from a holiday party
We took our sisters to go see Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson on Broadway -- My favorite musical of all time. 
Jeffrey and Piggy relaxing on the couch 
Super Cute Anthropology
ornament I got for Xmas from Jeffrey

PS - January 1st is the Official Site Reveal for Creative Soup! We're gonna have a great launch party going on all day. Festivities start at 11am EST and will continue through the day! Stop on by to get your creativity going, and win some cool prizes!