Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Just a couple quick announcements.

First and foremost. Head on over to Creative Soup! We are having our official launch party today! Lots of challenges, chatting, games, and prizes! Can't wait to see some new faces over there! It'll be a blast!!

Secondly, I've decided that my year long project is going to be Project: Life Memorabilia. It's a Jessica Bree concept, and there are a couple of us that are going to be working on it and showing off our pages every week! The concept is using memorabilia to scrapbook all the things you want to remember, but don't necessarily have time to devote and entire layout/mini/project to.

Bree's description of the project from her blog
While I love scrapbooking, I find I have a few challenges. 
I love the idea of year long projects but find many of them too time consuming. 
I want to document more of my everyday life, but often forget to capture the little things.
I want to capture more memories, especially in the form of photos, but don't have my camera with me all the time. But I do often find that I have menus, cards, coasters and other memorabilia that I grab when I am out but never get around to using on projects.
My solution? Gather up all this "stuff" I have collected (and keep collecting more), add in some quick snapshots from my phone, and use it to document my everyday life.

Head on over to Jess's blog to get the full experience! She's already started her album and it looks AMAZING! There are a bunch of pictures and some more info about the project! I would love to see some people play along with us! It'll be a great way to remember those little fun moments in life, and those every day things that we sometimes just let pass us by!

We will be posting a lot about it over on Creative Soup, just another reason to head over there and hang out with us!

Hope to see you soon!!c