Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project Life: Memorabilia--Album Debut!!

I've been hard at work on my Project Life: Memorabilia album. Read more about Project Life: Memorabilia over at Jessica Bree's blog or in my Happy New Year post. I've been dying to show off my album! and a couple of the pages that I've made so far.

The Album: I used a 8.5x11 3-ring chipboard binder that I found at, It's 3" and really sturdy. I'm planning on getting the entire year in here, so I went with a pretty big binder. They also have binders in 1/2" to 4" so anyone who's planning on doing a 3-ring binder, I highly recommend these. The front of the binder also has a translucent pocket, so I can stick some extra memorabilia in the front if I ever wanted to!


Cover 2

The Pages: Here are my first two pages. I'm going to try to go about this sort of chronologically, I'm viewing it a lot like my December Daily, but with a lot more every day--what am I doing right now kind of stuff. I'm generally using the memorabilia as the page base, and then embellishing or journaling right on the memorabilia.  I'm keeping a stack of 8.5x11 kraft paper with my binder and supplies and using that when my memorabilia isn't big enough/strong enough to act as the base for the page.

First Page

Jan1 journaling
Back of First Page

Second Page

Second Page with Flap flipped up to reveal journaling

Cover 3
Back of Second Page

The first page is from my favorite Chicken and Waffles place. OMG they have seriously the greatest fried chicken. I had Jeff grab one of their postcards and used that for the base of my first page.  The second page was part of a huge poster that I had hanging in my scrap area. I cut it up and journaled a bit about the last day of the NFL regular season (not the best day ever). 

I have a couple more pages in the works and I hope to post them sometime next week! I've been trying my hardest to finish up organizing all my scrap stuff!! I'm down to just the embellishments and then I'll take a bunch of photos of my new area! I'm really loving it so far. 

PS -- Make sure you check out Jessica Bree's blog post for her PLM album debut! And a quick video tutorial!