Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Right Now

I love the lists of "currents" that I see around the blogosphere. I think its a great way to look back and see what's gone on in your life at a given time; as well as check out what everyone else is feeling!

So here's my first 'Right Now' post: 

listening: to the boy playing video games, terribly annoying noises actually :)

eating: nothing at the moment, I'm waiting for Miss Rebecca to wake up from her nap so we can go to Stuff Yer Face for Boli's and Fishbowls!

drinking: Some Diet Fruit Punch from Halo Farm

wearing:  A simple black spaghetti strap house dress

feeling: Lethargic? Also not very creative---hopefully my creativity will come back tomorrow when I get my SC box!

weather: Plain crappy. Overcast and much colder than it has been.

wanting: To make awesome artsy projects, and if we're talking tangible items...I really want a silhouette sd.

thinking: About what direction my life is going in---I know its going forward, and in a positive direction, and lately that just hasn't been enough for me.

enjoying: Video game time with the boy, Rebecca being home for Spring Break, working on a class I'm teaching in May!

wondering: If we're gonna be able to find a good apartment to live in come June. I've been worried about this a bunch, but its finally coming around to the time where I can actually start looking at real places!

I'll leave you with a few of my fav new pins on pinterest

Thanks for stopping by!