Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Heat Embossing

Heat Embossing: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Heat embossing used to scare me to death. Come to think of it, stamping used to scare me to death. Now I've come to love the effect of embossing powder and its awesome grainy texture. Today I'd like to show you exactly how easy it is. 

A Stamp (I used a Studio Calico 4x6 starburst pattern stamp)
Smooth cardstock (with textured cardstock it can be harder to get a crisp image)
Embossing ink (I picked mine up at Michael's) 
Embossing powder (I used American Crafts Zing) 

Step One: Get your supplies ready. Clean your stamp if needed. Ink the stamp very well, make sure to get all of the stamp covered with the embossing ink. 

Step Two: Stamp your image onto the smooth cardstock. Embossing ink is a bit stickier than regular ink, so don't be worried if its a bit harder to come off at first. Just pull slowly and you should be fine. 

Step Three: Cover your image with embossing powder. Go wild, use as much embossing powder as it takes to cover the entire image. Don't worry, most of it will go back into the jar. 

Step Four: Tap the excess powder onto a sheet of paper and return it to your jar. You can tap the sides of your paper, or shake it gently; the powder will stay stuck to your image and fall off the rest of the paper. 

Step Five: Grab your heat gun and start move it slowly around your image. This part can take a minute or two, so be patient. 

Step Six: When the powder starts to change consistency, you'll see the individual drops of powder start to become one cohesive image. It will look wet at first, but dries very quickly. 

Step Seven: Add whatever embellishments you'd like, and you're good to go. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

PS: I created this card for the Wonderful Wednesday card challenge over at ScrapFreak. They have a new card challenge each Wednesday, check them if you're ever in need of good card inspiration!